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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I save links to Kippt?

We recommend using our Extensions or bookmarklet in your browser to save links. You can also add links from the interface, by email or connecting Kippt with services like Twitter and Github.

How can find links later?

When you save a page in Kippt, the information on that page is automatically stored in to the our search index. You can search from titles, domains and notes. With the PRO-account you can also search from the page content.

Are my links private or always public?

Your links privacy is set on the list settings, your list can be completely private for your or public for everyone to see.

Can I just save notes or text without a link?

Yes you can add notes from the Add Menu from the list header.

What are followers and how can I follow other people?

You can follow persons and publics list on Kippt and see what the save.


What are lists?

List is way to group your links around topics, interests or by people. For example you might want to create list for your Design Inspiration, Apps to Check, World Domination Project or collaborative Reading List.

Can I invite other people to collaborate with me?

From the list settings you can invite other people, like your co-workers or friends, to collaborate with you. You can invite Kippt users, or anyone with an email. Note that collaborators can add, edit, move and delete clips from the list.

How can I move clips in my lists?

You can move clips just by dragging the clip from the top left corner on top of a list in the sidebar. If you want to move multiple items, you can enable the Bulk Edit from the list header.

Can I re-order my lists in the sidebar?

You can order the lists in the sidebar just with drag & dropping the lists.

Import and export

Can I import my bookmarks?

You can import bookmarks from browsers and other web services. See Import tool

Can I export my links I save to Kippt?

You can always export your links by going to Export Tool. If you're a developer, you might also want to take a look at Kippt API which gives you full access to your information.

Can I delete my account?

You can delete your account and all information from the Account Settings page.